Benlai Fruitmart

Follow the following steps to make a purchase:

1. If you are new to Guofang, you need to register first.You can skip this part if you have an account with us already.

As a responsible corporation, we require our customers to register with verifiable information. It only takes a few minutes. To register, please call the customer service center in your city, or the number 400-8181-777 (our national customer service line) to set up an account. And after this, you have multiple options to order fruits as you like.

2. To buy through our application (mobile phone).Just scan the QR code for extraction, and off you go.

3. To buy via WeChat. Scan this QR code to enter our official account of subscription, and press the "进入商城" button in the menu bar at the lower part of the page,

4. To buy via the phone. Dial our 400- number ( the national service hotline) for purchase


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