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Found in April, 2015, Guofang is dedicated in providing premium fruits to our customers. Our products have always been in high quality, and our services have brought us a high reputation in the industry. With help of the Benlai Life (The subsidiary branch of Benlai Corporation) and the mobile online platform,we thrive to be the most-trusted fruits supplier in the nation that sells all kinds of fruits,through various kinds of channels.

We insist that we only cooperate with those best fruit-growing bases in the nation. And we choose the suppliers by ourselves so that no second-hand dealers would be in our way. We provide cold chain delivery throughout the purchases, so that the loss of nutrients and moisture in fruits can be minimized. Also, we have strict standards of the checks on 43 regular substances, which turns away any traces of heavy metal, agricultural chemical residues, genetically modified fruits and all kinds of additives.


Our fruits are always directly picked from the orchards. And we work out best to ensure that there is no harmful residue, no visible damage, of the fruits. And they need to be nutritious, fresh, 100% natural, and of course, taste great.


We are equipped with professional refrigerators (0-4°C) so that we can keep each kind of fruits according the their varying properties.


When we first get the fruits delivered to our storage, our adorable workers would hand-pick those fruits, to identify those damaged or unqualified ones, so that we can assure our consumers that we are offering the real best.


Our backstage system automatically assigns the vehicles and routes according to the consumer orders, and through this we are able to get the orders prepared with the top speed and the fruits can start their journeys safe in the fridges.

We value every order, and we've always been a high-integrity corporation. Every part of work we do, we put 100% of efforts in it, so that we can better our customer experiences and our services available.


As a premium fruit wholesale platform,we are extremely picky regarding the quality of the products we provide. Compared with traditional wholesale industry, we are more advantaged as in purchasing, reclassifying, delivery and even after-sale customer support. Not only have we got more transparent pricing, but also more efficiency as our service is more time-saving. Things that customers used to worry about, such as checking the quality and delivery, are all our business now.


With each major city, we have developed a independent city service depot, and the numbers are now increasing. Without stepping our of your house, you can easily enjoy our fast and quality service of fruits delivery. This is also an edge of our company, as it diminishes the nutrient loss and water loss during the time of delivery by setting up delivery depots.


As we upgrade our management in our supply and the cooperation with the fruit bases, we put emphasis on improving our process of producing and delivery according to the growingly diversified consumer needs. In this way, we can provide better and better products and services to our customers.

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